Our tutorial site has been reviewed by Steve Indands.

Have limited access to live hands-on instruction, yet still want to learn a correct way to do traditional Shibari? Then check out the kewl educational Shibari and Japanese rope bondage site I just reviewed, which in my opinion is one of the top, if not *the* top how-to/ educational Japanese rope bondage websites today. It’s RopeMarks’ R.A.R.E. (RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange) at http//:RARE.RopeMarks.com. I’ve even updated/enhanced the way I do a few of my Japanese style rope bondage ties, as a result.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting ropeartist and expert Bob of Ropemarks (who is a kind, generous, and interesting person), and his equally kind, beautiful and charming partner and rope bottom Chantal (the demo bottom in most of the site’s tutorials), in Amsterdam on my way back from xplore06 in Berlin last August. Definitely good people. They did a wonderful job on the tutorials, and I’m salivating at the chance to catch their USA classes at Austin Ropecraft Symposium 3.

Beautiful, clear, and concise step by step pictures with descriptions of Shibari ties, are complemented by a handful of equally well done videos showing similar instruction, with more likely to come from world class ropeartist, Bob/RopeMarks. In addition to the great instruction provided, the site contains articles by Osada Steve, RopeMarks, Jay Wiseman, Masami Akita, and Trevor Brown on the history of Shibari, much needed safety information, and memorial tributes to Akechi Denki (by Master “K”) and Osada Eikichi, who were the top Nawashi in Japan in their day, and shaped much of what is present-day Shibari.

The pages are well thought out. Navigation is easy and logical, and the pages load quickly.

The site also provides a beautiful photo gallery (including one by Master “K”), good glossary, some Japanese resources, interesting recommendations for music to rope by, as well as some educational books and videos available, which are a bit outdated and could do with an update. I’m told that this is planned for this year (Bob: 2007).

While I subscribe to very few pay sites, this is one I would definitely do and highly recommend it as one of the premier educational rope sites out there today.

by Steve Indands