Fetish- and pin-up model and good friend Yolinda Vixen is also a gifted writer of short sensual stories. She has created a book “My Sultry Confessions”. This book contains a collection of sensual stories from Yolinda’s life written in English and illustrated with stylish photographs. In her stories Yolinda weaves fantasy with reality, describing sexual events without being coarse.

RopeMarks participated in creating the stylish photographs where the lovely model Yolinda Vixen was sensually tied up and where the co-model was sensually tied up and made ready for Yolinda Vixen to play with.



This book was made possible by the awsome cooperation of:

Photographer: Jef Poldervaart 
Make-up artist: Judith van Dongen 
Stylist: Vivian Kramer gezegd Freher 
Hair stylist: Madame de Pompadour


 In between shoots for the book we had some extra time to make a few bondage images (you can’t blame a guy for making the best of an available pretty girl and the brilliant photographer Jef Poldervaart)



 Here’s a few behinds the scene’s images


Yolinda VixenRopeMarks
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