With most things in live I’m in it for the ride, not the goal. Moving… not so much. Moving for me is one of the most stressful situations that I know, I don’t move for the fun of it but strictly for the goal.


In the last period we have sold our house and, needing a roof over our heads, bought a new one. Only buying a house is *hell* now double that because we are also selling, add to that a bunch nitwits that we had to cooperate with and you have a recipe that… well you don’t even want to prepare; but we had too.


Our digital home (the servers that are running the RopeMarks family sites and then some) have been on the list to move as well. Fortunately (note the sarcasm) the contractual-period for our servers ended in about the same period as our physical move – oh joy.


Now, not only did we have the fun of playing with mortgages, notaries and everything related to buying and selling a house, we also had to spend our time on digitally migrating (moving) our sites to different servers at the same time… and preferably without you noticing any disturbance ( in the force? 🙂 ) or offline periods.


When I write this, the physical move is done and we’re about 90% settled in. The last 10% will take a few more months but has no stress. Also, the migration has been done and things look to be running smoothly, some configuring and details is left but we’ll do that as we see how the systems are performing.

There is still enough ends left to finish because of the moves but we hope to pick up a little more momentum now.