On our fifth day (april 4) we took the shinkansen (bullit train) and left Tokyo to go to Nagoya for a few days. This vacation we had not planned a trip to Fuji-san but got a view from the shinkansen anyway.



On Nagoya station we got picked up by our friend, Kureha-san, and we went to her place of work where we talked, drank tea (sakura-tea and green-tea) and watched a Akechi Denki DVD. Kureha-san works together with Mistress Hibiki who we also got to meet. Together we went for a afternoon snack before Hibiki-san left us.


In the evening we where invited to the sushi restaurant of Masa-san.


After the restaurant, a well amount of sake further, a Japanese tea-cup and a number of Masa-san’s chopsticks richer, we headed of to bar “R” to meet “Rei” the Mama-san there.

Now, when I write this, I can tell for sure the quality of last nights sake must have been very good… I still feel a bit whoozy 🙂