We owe you an apology, it has been more than one month that we have updated Club RopeMarks. In the past two months we have had a lot of fun and done a number of very interesting things. We will write blogs about this at a later moment. But we unfortunately have also been on the wrong side of karma, or so we perceived this 🙂

Our lack of time to update started with having to much on our plate, regular work (yes, for those who don’t know, we still hold a regular job, bills need to be payed and you cheapskates don’t wish to pay enough for our services to drop that :)) and a number of bookings outside of our home-country, the Netherlands. Actually nothing out of the ordinary for us. But then…

Our main computer decided to malfunction and become practically unusable. being regularly away from home for a longer time in this period did not give us time to fix this and the few moments we did have were spent trying to get the f*ck*r fixed. We ended up replacing motherboard and CPU, no luck, the machine still malfunctioned. So nothing left but get a new computer and in tiny slots (read: graveyard shift hours) set it up, install, configure and restore backups.

This is unfortunate, but hey, things break from time to time. We have a laptop, so mail can be answered and communication can continue… that is, until the laptop decided to refuse to boot… Really, laptops are not my thing, had to bring it back to the seller to have it fixed and fingers crossed my data could be saved.

Nothing left but get my iPad, browse some youtube/vimeo videos and enjoy them, through my iTV, on my television… That’s is… if my iTV would start… Nope, nothing, back to the Apple store to have that fixed.

Then I think a nice hot shower and a good, strong, cup-of-coffee will relax me and think about how to sort this is all out and get it all back to a working situation. All soaped up and singing under the shower (now there’s a site you will never see :)), grabbed the shower head and *crack*… the shower head breaks, water going everywhere except on me… *sigh*. Finished the shower as best as possible, toweled off and went for that much needed coffee.

Prepare the coffee machine and turned it on… nothing… turned it off and on again… nothing… uttered some foul language and in an OCD-frenzy turned the coffee machine repeatedly on and off again… Obviously, nothing. Of all the things that can break, not the coffee machine, my life-line…

On top of this there are a few things in our private life that keeps us busy but since that has nothing to do with RopeMarks it’s none of your business 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I feel blessed to actually have all this technology that can get broken but it is a pain when it breaks, and it’s an even greater pain when it breaks all at once. Just another proof that we are greatly dependent of technology nowadays.

Current status:

  • We replaced the coffee machine (no coffee, no life!).
  • The iTV problem turned out to be a from a bad batch and Apple replaced it for me at no cost. Thank you Apple and thank you Apple for not mentioning something about a bad batch sooner.
  • The laptop issue turned out to be a 1:1000000 change of this specific boot-issue to occur. It was fixed at no cost and it will most likely never happen again in the lifetime of this machine.
  • Main computer is replaced and is close to being finished setting up and restoring backups so normal business will continue asap.