That’s how one of the many mails I regularly get start that I find hard to answer.

If I can and have the time I am very willing to point you in the right direction, but think of this:

  • don’t mail me asking what hotel to book when you are in Amsterdam.
    I live in Amsterdam and thus no need to book a hotel.
    Also I do not have the information on what hotel is good or bad on-file.
  • Don’t mail me on the day you leave/arrive that you would like to meet, would like a workshop, etc.
    This might sound strange, but I too have a life, a schedule and plans.
  • Don’t mail me on the day you arrive asking for where to go.
    I am not a tourist agency that has this sort of information up-to-date.

So, what can I help you with?
I can point you to the resources I use when you send me a mail starting with “I am visiting Amsterdam…”

Looking for a hotel in Amsterdam?
Try, I use this a lot for my own travelling.
Looking for a kinbaku, shibari, bondage  workshop, event, get-together?
Try the RopeMarks calendar
Are you looking to buy (kinbaku) rope in Amsterdam?
Try Shop RopeMarks
Try Etsy; RopeMarks, NawaAto
Looking for a fetish/kinky party?
Try the RopeMarks calendar
Are you looking for fetish shopping?
Try DeMask,
Try mail&female,
Try Black Body,
The above resources don’t give you the information you are looking for?
Try “visiting Amsterdam” on FetLife

Having said all this, of course you can write me if your questions are not answered above.

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Last update: Jun. 2023