The last day of 2009 all over the media everybody is talking about the past year. Some programs even cover the past yearS!

This got me thinking about our own achievements for 2009. On one hand 2009 was a year for us like any other. On the other hand we made some decisions and changes that most certainly had a great impact on how we run RopeMarks and how you see us.

One very important change for us, and we mentioned this before, RopeMarks is an official Dutch company. This has opened up more options than we thought when we started this and, unfortunately, closed a few doors too. The latter we expected. If I should make a quick conclusion about the effect of doing this is that it has clearly moved us from the amateur/semi-professional bondage-arena to the professional bondage arena, and to be honest, it feels good there 🙂

The other big change we made is the way we work. In the past (pre-2009:)) we did everything and all at once… honestly, that is not the best way to go 🙂 This year we decided to do things project-based. Do a project, finish it with as little interruptions as possible and move to the next project.

The effect of this change is that this year we finished and published our second DVD, RopeMarks Art Series 1, started our bondage meetings, R.A.R.E. and were able to offer you a brand new website, Club RopeMarks.

A serieus company requires some serieus web-presence, another project. We are running on our own servers! This is still a project being in process of finishing, configuring, fine-tuning and moving. We plan to have this finished before the end of next month.

All these projects make us a little more silent on the web than we usually are but, fortunately, does not stop you from finding us and booking us for your (media) events, parties, (erotic) fairs and participating in our workshops.

This year we’ve been doing big main-stage shows to all-night interactive shows either in co-operation with the bigger names in the fetish/BDSM-world or all by ourselves. We’ve done more workshops than we care to count and either operated camera equipment or stood before the camera numerous times for our own Club RopeMarks shoots or recording for national and international television programs.

We have some backlogs in updating our sites and once the move to our own servers is finished we promise to make up for that and show you all the exciting things we’ve done and all the new sexy models we have ready and waiting for you. Here are just a few samples of what we did this year and what you can expect next year.

Have a very happy 2010 everybody and may this become the year we meet (again) and share good times!



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