Japanese: 侘寂

A Japanese philosophy that extends into all parts of life based in Zen and built on three principles:
nothing lasts, nothing ends, and nothing is perfect.

“Wabi” means a deliberate humility, a lack of materialism, and a deep connection with the environment.
Sabi” literally translates as “bloom of time”.
Together “wabi sabi” is the beauty of things\”imperfect, impermanent and incomplete”.”,

 There are seven principles of Wabi-Sabi:

  • Fukinsei; asymmetry and irregularity
  • Kanso; simplicity
  • Koko; basic, weathered
  • Shizen; without pretence, natural
  • Datsuzoku; unbounded by convention, free
  • Seijaku; tranquility
  • Yugen; subtly profound grace, not obvious