13 07 2018


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Japanese: 道場 A dojo is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way". See also: Koryū

31 03 2021


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Honorifics are terms or titles used to address a person, describe a person or address the position a person uses. In the west we normally use the Honorific title as [...]

13 07 2018


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Noren (pronounce by stressing the "e") are traditional Japanese curtains made of  cloth used to separate areas. They function as a subtle divider between public and  private areas. The print [...]

14 07 2018


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Japanese: 流 Simply put a ryū can be described as a style, as in a certain way of doing something or as a school of thought or discipline. See also: [...]

20 07 2020


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Japanese: 正座  English: "sitting with a correct posture". Seiza is the formal way to sit in Japan. In a historical context, the correct posture is defined to have neatly-folded legs and [...]

16 07 2018


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Japanese: 先生 Teacher, Master, Doctor; he who has gone before. While teaching RopeMarks ryū RopeMarks is the sensei. Keywords: rope marks

6 08 2018


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Japanese: 標縄  "Enclosing rope". Shimenawa are lengths of laid rice straw or hemp rope used for ritual purification in the Shinto religion. They can vary in diameter from a few centimeters [...]

13 07 2018


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Japanese: 侘寂 A Japanese philosophy that extends into all parts of life based in Zen and built on three principles: nothing lasts, nothing ends, and nothing is perfect. "Wabi" means a [...]


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