This book is about 12 women, each woman shows her own personal fetish. A zodiac of fetish portraits where each woman does her “thing”, better yet, shows her “thing”. This varies from clothing, tattoo’s, piercing, bondage, S&M, etc… Each photo is manipulated to a strange, contrasting, often architectonic surroundings to put emphasis on the powerful radiation of each individual woman.

The Artist: Robin Cay – artist, photographer, film director, designer Robin Cay is a fetish artist/photographer who combines natural models with stunning backdrops. He started his photographic career with nude pictures all ready at the age of 12. In ’97 he founded ‘Fetish Art’ a collaboration with fashion designer Doesjka Bee which resulted in a fetish wear collection and in 2000 the publication of the worldwide spread photo book Fetish Art (sold out and by now already a collectors item). Robin has also published photo’s in fetish magazines like Skin Two, Secret and many more, been in several TV programs in Germany and England.

Robin has kindly made some of the production shots available for us


Robin Cay | RopeMarks