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(this workshop will be in Dutch only)

We gaan weer een workshop geven; het gaat om een zogenaamde level 1 workshop waar we je de basis technieken van Japanse bondage (ook bekend als shibari of kinbaku) leren.

Datum : zaterdag 31 maart 2012
Tijd : 18:00 – 22:00 uur
Plaats : Amsterdam centrum
Prijs : EUR 110,- per stel

Het is de bedoeling dat je actief meedoet daarom is de workshop ook alleen voor (gelegenheid)stellen. Bob doet iets voor op zijn model en de rest doet het na op zijn/haar partner. Bob loopt dan rond om tips en adviezen te geven en vragen te beantwoorden. Verder vertellen we ook over de geschiedenis van Japanse bondage.

Het bedrag voor deze workshop is inclusief de vier uur durende workshop, gratis toegang voor een maand tot onze online workshop RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange (R.A.R.E.), certificaat van deelname en hapjes en drankjes.

Geef je op door ons zo spoedig mogelijk een mail te sturen, dan sturen wij je de verdere details. Vol is vol!

Stuur een mail naar of 
registreer jezelf hier

De personen die gebonden worden hoeven niet bloot (mag wel), de bondages kunnen ook gewoon over kleren heen om te oefenen. Zorg wel dat je dan wat makkelijks aan hebt, jurkje of broek, beetje strak truitje of t-shirt. Ondergoed mag natuurlijk ook. Er is geen dresscode, de meeste mensen komen in hun “gewone” kleren. Het is puur leren bonderen, dus geen spel spelen en geen seks. Het is gewoon een gezellige middag waar we bezig zijn met touw, ieder op zijn eigen partner.

Tot snel.

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  1. Mrs. Soviet Mercedes 29 January 2021 at 19:38 - Reply

    For those who know me, they know I have no affinity with Bondage. I have never been interested nor seen the artistic side of it

    However this changed once I got more involved in the online BDSM world. Especially on a website like Fetlife, it’s almost impossible to miss: (good) bondage is beautiful, a form of art, and it can be damn useful. Now that I got triggered and curious, I browsed online for this new concept. Of course you’ll inevitably bump into, for all of us a well-known name, RopeMarks.

    Besides the fact that Dutch Lady is a beautiful woman, and one can find her in the most bizarre positions, it is also truly an art (and very handy!) After I have seen the couple perform several times, it was an easy decision when RopeMarks posted on her Facebook page that there was one spot left in the “Japanese Bondage pt.1 “ workshop. I signed up right away (without even knowing who I would take as my victim, but hey, that’s just a small detail), and the countdown has started! As I said before, I have never worked or played with real rope, so this was going to be something completely new.

    Received an email with the location and some information about how the evening would go. They will tell something about the history and origin of Japanese Bondage, clothing is aloud, but naked is allowed too. Sex/play is NOT wanted, and after that, the knotting can begin. Hereby RopeMarks will give the example, and then you can try yourself. Of course Bob (RopeMarks) will walk around and help and give tips where needed.

    It starts with a story about the history. Some Japanese names (I wrote them down!) and the definitions, the differences in rope including the pro’s and con’s. Maurice ( also tells his own story about the ropes and what he thinks of it. BindMe sells complete packages for this workshop, almost everyone had one. Very handy!

    After the first demonstration (the upper body), it was time to get started our-self! Hmm, this came quite as a surprise, because it really looked easy when Bob worked his magic. I noticed that my hand/eye co-ordination wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But, after trying several times, knotting, re-knotting and some shoving, the result was ok-ish. The first knots were made! However, Bob pointed out that this is not “ true” bondage since the “victim” is still free and able to move around.

    We continued with the bondage around the wrists (did I mention how much I was enjoying myself? This is fun!) This was much easier, and once you got the feeling of a right knot, it gets easier. Or so you think, until you get something completely different and you have to practice your knots all over again, because it just won’t stick,or simply looks ugly. And let’s be honest, it has to look pretty too!

    Short break for a drink and a cookie, and back to work again! Now it’s going to get a bit more complicated. Also in the meantime, we learned how to make a loop and extend our rope.

    And last but not least, we’re going to make the “Mother of all poses” . Bob tells us of what to be careful off and pay attention to with the arms and how to make a safety loop for when you need to untie everything quickly. Here I found out, that for me those 4 hours are a bit too long, since the most basic knots won’t even work with me anymore. Bob jumping in until we (kind of) understood how to do it our-self. And there you go! The creation of creations is there!

    Effective, but not nearly as great as the couple (and just so we’re clear, this is logical, since they have worked together and practiced for many hours/days/weeks/years).

    After that we came to the end of the workshop and we all received our own certificate! (Of course I hang this one in the middle of my living room, ready to tell some crazy stories and answer weird questions!). Also you’ll get a log-on for the website, where you can find even more information. Short story long, long story short: if you’re interested in Japanese Bondage, but you have no idea where or how to start, go to this workshop! There is a nice, fun and open atmosphere. Bob is patient and explains everything very good. If there will be a part 2, I will definitely attend! Until then, practice and practice on my victims. Grin

    Mrs. Soviet Mercedes

    Note: This comment was moved after re-organizing the blog/events.

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