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RopeMarks and the Shady Lady are excited to be present at the Pinse Camp of 2024!

We are very excited about this, we love seeing new places, sharing our experience and knowledge on kinbaku (did you know RopeMarks has been tying professionally for 24 years and counting?) and we love to spend our time doing a lot of good ol’ rope bondage in a supportive community.

For the upcoming Pinse Camp, we will teach two full day workshops aimed at the intermediate level. Our intention is that after these two days your rope and kinbaku tying and bottoming skills have leveled up technically, theoretically and in terms of playfulness and an overall positive rope experience! 

We will cover the RopeMarks’ ryū style of some essential Kinbaku Elements™ such as: the takate gote, armbinder, agura and whatnot. These elements will be incorporated in surprising suspensions and transitions. In addition, we will include small Kinbaku Elements™ such as mouth rope, hair ties, guatemalan, neck ties and whatnot that help you get more playful, creative and mean in your play. Lastly, we will bamboozle you with at least one of RopeMarks’ suspension sequences that incorporates tying with bamboo! 

We will be tying on bamboo and you will need at least 12 pieces of rope intended for Japanese rope bondage. Most ties and exercises are set up for you to follow along at your current level of tying or being tied but we encourage and support you to follow along with the full sequences, push your comfort zone and level up.


Prerequisites for riggers (r) and models (m):

  • Be confident with a safe takate gote that works for you and your partner, preferably RopeMarks’ style gote

  • Be able to communicate with and check in regularly with your partner 

  • Be aware of the mental and physical capabilities and limitations of you and your partner 

  • Have a basic understanding of the fact that rope bondage is edgeplay and of the main risks involved, e.g. nerve damage 

  • Preferably have some experience with basic suspensions 


Who’s RopeMarks?

RopeMarks, also known as Bob Roos, is a Dutch rope artist who specializes in Japanese rope bondage, also known as shibari or kinbaku. Professionally he began studying and perfecting his craft in 1999, under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) and Naka Akira (奈加あきら) in Japan. While RopeMarks’ work reflects the traditional techniques taught by these leading kinbakushi, he has also developed his own unique and distinct style.

RopeMarks is widely recognized as the foremost Dutch expert in Japanese rope bondage, and is highly respected in the global kinbaku community. He has taught workshops and classes around the world including, but not limited to, Europe, the United States, Russia and Japan. Using the name RopeMarks Ryū he provides real, fun, hands-on, courses, classes, lessons and workshops in Japanese rope bondage worldwide.

Who is the Shady Lady?

The Shady Lady is a slightly perverted lady who has been tying regularly with RopeMarks for the past 2,5 years, and her passion for being in rope is still growing each day. She sees rope as a means to surrender to her partner (and to herself), to enter an erotic and sensual realm, to push mental boundaries and to discover what exists inside of her beyond the everyday experience of the self.

Although both partners have different experiences in a rope session, a good session for her creates a spark that moves beyond these individual experiences (1+1=3). She likes Japanese aesthetics, authentic dynamics between rope partners, other BDSM elements mixed with rope, fun and laughter during tying as well as the darker desires that can be expressed by rope (and no, the latter two are not as contradictory as they sound!). 



What is the teaching style of the RopeMarks Ryū?

There are a few characteristics that are typical for RopeMarks’ style of teaching and tying: 

  • Teaching is built around Kinbaku Elements™: patterns, positions and techniques you can use as essential building blocks to construct your ties and be creative and original while doing it.

  • RopeMarks’ style is heavily inspired by Japanese bakushi (mainly Naka Akira 奈加あきら and Akechi Denki 明智伝鬼) and builds on traditional techniques and aesthetics. Yet, he never simply copies and pastes. He always creates his own interpretation based on the predecessors that inspire him. We will therefore provide you with historical context and background behind certain Kinbaku Elements. The motto is: know and honor history (the ones who went before you) to shape the future of your rope experiences!

  • Most exercises are built up in a way so that participants can practice at their own level. Stay on the floor, go for the suspension or join us for multiple transitions. We will also offer smaller elements that allow you to make a tie more or less challenging. 

  • Understanding the reasons for why you make certain choices when tying and bottoming is extremely important, and we are not a fan of a ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ approach. Our teaching thus focuses on discussing the pros and cons of the choices made while tying. Understanding the reasoning behind your actions stimulates a more safe, sane, informed, critical, personal and consensual attitude in riggers and rope bottoms. 

  • Kinbaku is a means and not an end, meaning that we focus on what intentions both parties have and on pragmatic techniques that can be used to embody those intentions to create a pleasurable experience. RopeMarks and the Shady Lady personally like their kinbaku to be playful, erotic, aesthetically pleasing, challenging and slightly dirty and perverted.

  • Active and responsible rope bottoming is a skill that does not always get the attention it deserves. The Shady Lady focuses on how rope bottoms can develop their bottoming skills: how they can distinguish between bad and good kinds of pain, how they can communicate effectively with their rigger, how they can critically think along with the rigger on how ties can work best for their body and how they can find out what kind of rope they like to receive. It always takes two to tango! 


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