It’s been a few months that I wrote something. Luckily (for me) that does not mean we’ve been sitting still and doing nothing, au contraire, but more on that soon.

Now, we have a new update online on Club RopeMarks, one that makes us very happy. Together with Miss Mirjana we made a tribute to the late and great Betty Page.

When Mirjana brought up the idea of a Betty Page shoot, doing a tribute was quickly decided. Although our main focus is Japanese style bondage (shibari, kinbaku) we also have great affinity with vintage style bondage.

In this update you see Chantal and Mirjana in vintage girl-girl, stocking and shoe fetish and you see Chantal tying up Mirjana, gagging her and finally spanking her butt. All vintage, Betty Page, style.

We really love what we do and it shows, we have some very funny bloopers and fun situations from the shoot after the video, keep watching!

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