Not too long ago (red: March 2024), we had visitors from the Netherlands, RopeMarks and the Shady Lady. I immensely enjoyed their (red: bamboo) weekend workshop and Kinbaku Talks 🥰.

Since I attended the workshop as a model, I decided to go for some private lessons to up my rigging game as well. Before we started, I was terribly nervous. I think it’s very VERY hard to judge your own skill level, but I was somewhat confident I could have done the workshop exercises as a rigger as well. Still, there was the chance Bob would see that differently 🫣

However, after getting over the first nervous tremors, I had a wonderful time. Bob’s instructions were very clear and still left so much room to explore „my thing“ – whatever that is XD. Sora was a fantastic, patient model, and I had a lot of fun.

What really made me think, and I still have Bob’s voice in my head now, are two things:

„Why did you tie that way?“
I have to admit, I was very proud that I could give an answer to that every time he asked. Most times, it was not even a technical answer, just my reason for choosing one option over another.

„What would you do if you wanted to make it pretty?“
I’m very guilty of (safe) lazy decisions. Like not tucking away rope ends prettily. Bob made me aware – several times – that it only takes a few seconds more to do that. And now, I can’t un-hear him when I want to take the lazy path again 🙉

Overall, the private lessons gave me more confidence in my skills and new input to think about. Plus, a little Mr. RopeMarks in my head that scolds me for not tidying up a tie 😜

If you ever get the chance, taking a lesson with RopeMarks and The Shady Lady is for sure a good investment of time and money ☺️

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