Wow… It’s just like a real city 🙂

We have of-course been doing the tourist things, in no particular order: Union Square, China Town, Ride the cable cars, visited Fishermans Warf and particularly Pier 39, visited the crookedest part of Lombart street, Viewed and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, visited Sausolito, took a hike through Muir Woods, done the Twin Peaks at night and got a great view over San Francisco, looked at some of the Victorian style houses particularly beautiful was “postcard row” and took a boat ride over the San Francisco bay. Not to be missed is doing some fetish shopping, we went to Footworship (great collection of shoes), Madame-S and Stormy Leather.


The changes of meeting someone you know while you are on a vacation “on the other side of the world” are fairly small I think. During our visit to Madame-S’s we ran into Amrita; A very pleasant meeting 🙂

Another unexpected pleasure was that in the period we are in San Francisco Kumi was in town. She’s usually all over the world and luckily for us she just happened to be in her hometown for a few weeks while we were also in San Francisco. Together with Kumi we visited the Bondage a-go-go met a number of “locals” making our visit to the Bondage a-go-go a very pleasurable one. One of the “locals” we met was one of the Knotty Boys, Dan. The pleasures and surprises at the Bondage a-go-go don’t end here, we also ran into Japanese Mistress Dahlia and a two of her lovely models together with photographer Rik, last time we saw them was during the 2006 Nuit Demonia in Paris, France.


The next day we all went for some, fetish, shopping together and ended the day with a Korean barbecue in a restaurant of Kumi’s choice; Kumi’s very good choice.


The icing on our cake here in San Francisco; One of Dahlia’s models, Moira, is also a writer for Sniper (a Japanese S&M magazine) and she held a short interview with me (10 questions for Kinbaku master) to be published in Sniper.

To finish our stay here in San Francisco in style, RopeMarks style, we’re off to provide a private workshop in traditional kinbaku.

I think I’m leaving my heart in San Francisco…
Highway 1, try topping our stay in San Francisco!

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