One moment things are relaxed and we can do projects one at a time and then we get too many things all at once to handle, as is the case at this moment.

Obviously we’re still in the process of setting up our business. Then we have Kumi who is in town, since she is usually only a short period in one location you need to make the most of that time. Then we got an offer from Fetish Evolution, KinbaCon, German Fetish Ball and a few more that we would like to keep to ourself until things are more concrete.

Most of the communication is now done, only German Fetish Ball is still open. Fetish Evolution and KinbaCon have bounced, they are not willing or able the pay our fee’s and litterly want us to spend money to do one or more shows. Now honestly, where is the logic in that? Could somebody explain this to me?


Here is a very common communication:

organization: “Could you do XXX for us at YYY?”
– XXX: a show, workshop, a fair, anything
– YYY: some place at least a few days drive from Amsterdam, or a plane trip neccessary

RopeMarks: “Sure, we have travel expenses and hotel expenses of $ to get to and from YYY”, “For XXX we charge $”.

organisation: “We do not cover travel expenses and cannot/willnot/unableto pay your fee for XXX.”

RopeMarks: “Are you asking us to pay for our trip and do a show for free?”

organisation: “I wouldn’t say that, you are ofcourse entering our event for free and get a few drinks for free!”

RopeMarks: “Don’t you think it is a bit silly that we pay YYY to do XXX to make your event better?”

organisation: “Oh but we thought you do XXX because you love the art!”


From here we occasionally go on to explain about internet domain and hosting costs, creative processes, props, rope, outfits, our NAME, etc.

So, really, could somebody explain this behaviour?

As I said already, German Fetish Ball is still open and is being discussed, so are two other offers that we like to keep to ourself for now and we still have our projects for 2009 to finish (one is done, RopeMarks as an official business). News at 11…

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