The past period we have been spending a lot of time to innovate our previous workshop section into something vastly more appropriate; 

RopeMarks Ryū

RopeMarks Ryū is one of, if not, the oldest traditional Japanese rope bondage Ryū in the Netherlands and Europe.

We think that besides the unique RopeMarks style that we are offering to teach we also have something that has not been seen in the scene before, a visual, searchable glossary. The current body already holds a vast amount of names and terms and with the information we got coming it is looking forward to become a tome of quick searchable knowledge, with pictures.

See for yourself

Against all good advice we will blow our own horn and show all the good things people have said about RopeMarks, our teaching, our experience and our high level of knowledge in the testimonials section.

“[…]his experience is so big, it radiates from him.”

Not only is Bob an impressive rigger, he also has the ability to transfer his vast knowledge in a solid and entertaining manner.”

See for yourself

Keep in mind that all of this is just the start of the RopeMarks Ryū section. You can look forward to free video tutorials more information on the subject of Japanese rope bondage and a real life Amsterdam based Dojo. We are really looking forward to the direction this is going.  or