konichi wa!

The evening of our second day in Tokyo, Japan was spent in the presence of the honorable Osada Steve at his “Studio Six”. Before we left our hotel room to get lost finding Studio Six we called for some last minute directions (addresses in Japan are a different story completely!). The Master himself offered to pick us up from the train station; a gesture we greatly appreciated and accepted.

The evening started with a beautiful agura/ebi shibari from the master. After this first bondage the master unexpectedly invited us to show our thing in his studio, for his audience. We accepted the invitation and did some groundwork.


Then the master continued with a elaborated bondage and a few tsuri’s. Then again he invited us to do our “thing”; really surprised (but very much honored) by this we accepted and performed some shibarobics :). After which the master did his beautiful kinbaku again. Actually 3 more times. The entire evening lasted a little less then four hours and was one wonderful experience.


The picture shows me on the left and Osada Steve on the right.