Some days ago I received a package from Marrow ( It contained two sets of new jute rope and I had the pleasure of testing them, see how I liked it.

On first look there was a slight difference in the color, one a tone lighter than the other. On second look one set was prepared to the level it felt as completely broken in, very soft yet with a very good… perfect tightness in the twist. Tight, but not to tight and loose, but not too loose. The second set was similar to the first but felt a little rougher to the touch.

Since my crash test dummy (Dutch-Dame) wasn’t available for immediate testing I started fiddling with the rope, running it through my hands, making knots, bights, wraps and wrapping objects. It all felt good and making bight(s) didn’t “open the twist”. So far the rope made a very good first impression, now to put it to a real test, bondage on my girl.

Until now I have been using Japanese jute for most of my bondage’s. Admittedly, Japanese jute is not the best quality rope but the handling is very good.

So, enter my girl, stripped naked, not telling her what rope I used first (the softer or the less soft) I started tying her up in two different upper body bondage’s with each set (one Japanese style and one Western style), I made sure to really make the rope slide across her body, applied some force to see how the rope handled, how my girly responded to it. With the Japanese style upper body bondage I continued into full suspension.

A few very good things came forward from this test. I always use doubled rope and the bight of the ropes stayed in one piece, it hardly opened the twist at all (very impressed!). The rope was soft to the touch for my girly, but also for me. Even the “rougher” rope was soft, although my girly did notice when I used the less soft rope (no complaints thought, just a “hey, that feels nice ‘there'”:-)). Another thing that I noticed, and got confirmed by my girl, when tying, the rope didn’t stretch one bit! When applying my bondage there was no slack/stretch because of, i.e., loose(r) twists, my bondage was my bondage. The comment I got back for the finished bondage “I can’t move a muscle, usually I can make some room”. This no stretch property was also very noticeable when applying the suspension ropes, the ropes felt like working with a precision tool every wrap and intersection was precisely and exactly how I intended.

I’ve examined, touched and used rope from a lot of suppliers but what Marrow has been able to create now is imvho the closest in handling to the Japanese jute I have seen so far. But Marrow has been able to go beyond handling and create a better… superior quality to the Japanese jute. As far as I’m concerned I’m ready to move to Marrow’s jute and leave the Japanese jute behind me.


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