Slowly, very slowly, life is getting back to normal; not there yet but getting there. More and more I catch myself thinking about future project instead of house-related subjects 🙂

In-between all the hassle of the new house we had a very nice break. We provided three workshops and a show for the Danish event “Nawa Open”. It was a very refreshing experience to be in front of people who seriously enjoyed rope bondage. People who where not looking for a quick fix but actually loved to create intricate patterns and use the learned in their own public play immediately.

What was even better, we would teach them something, they would try to recreate it and during the evening I would see them do it again _but_ in their own style, their own way. This is what teaching should be. In the end you are not supposed to copy the teacher, become the teacher. You are supposed to find your own path with the information provided by the teacher. Sure, in the beginning it would be just copying but after practicing a tie a few times you should notice things _you_ do different and make that specific tie your own.

Anyway 🙂 We had a really great time in Denmark!

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