Ever since the first Moscow Knot in 2013 I’ve been trying to make it fit in my schedule and 2018 was the year it did!

After all the preparations, it’s not easy to enter Russia, there were some interesting strict procedures involving stamps, long waiting lines and (once) even a flashlight, we hopped on the plane to arrive in Moscow just in time for the Moscow Knot pre-party and get ready for the three day extravaganza of rope bondage shows and demonstrations.

We shared an amazing room, underground BDSM dungeon including swimming pool, together with Yagami Ren, a more than pleasant experience and exchange.

Day 1 was a relaxed day for us we had no planned shows and could relax in the amazing place that hosted this edition of Moscow Knot, the Mona Club, and got some time for sight seeing the neighborhood.

Day 2 we got scheduled for our first show of the event. This was a Saturday and we were the last act of the day. Seeing the shows that had been before us there was some anxiety. We decided on “Fleisch“, it went as smooth as it could and received raving reviews, thank you!

Day 3 started with a RopeMarks Ryu workshop and later our second scheduled show of the event. This time it was Yagami Ren who was the last act of the day and RopeMarks was right before him, warming up the stage.

Where “Fleisch” is a big show with a lot of props we decided for something simpler but not less powerful for the second show. I call this one “Kinbaku agura rotate” because it does not get any more kinbaku than this show and the model, well, rotates and I glue her to the suspension beam, very spectacular. I am very, very, very(!) happy that this show was received with possible even more raving reviews than “Fleisch”, thank you!!

After the event we had “an intimate evening with RopeMarks“, basically a get together where I could share some of my views on (Japanese) rope bondage and European BDSM in general and in return got to hear the “Russian view” on (Japanese) rope bondage and BDSM. This was a very interesting and full evening! Ohw, and there was tying too, because, duh! 🙂

The fun still does not end, there was one more night of fun ahead, the “after party” at club Predel, the official closing party of the event. Time to mingle, talk, eat, ohw the food (delicious!) and tie. Speaking of fun, I had some with a Russian blond named Zhenya, there was screaming, I do not apologize, it was fun!

This was my first time in Moscow and we had decided to stay a few days longer and do some sightseeing. There is a large variety of things to see in Moscow but a bucket list thing for me was drinking Vodka on the Red Square. The Red Square we did see (beautiful!) but the Vodka I have to do another time. We also traveled by Metro around in Moscow and stopped at several Metro stations. These are works of art all by themselves.

We experienced that people in general are super-friendly, sometimes communicating with hand and feet because of the language barrier, and always trying to help out and often offering food and drinks (also home made Vodka).        


Moscow! You impressed me! Thank you!

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