rm20130828_4171What’s in a name? In the end not much, it’s content that determines value, but let’s use the slightly easier abbreviation: LFAJRB. In the field of content this edition of the LFAJRB had it all for me. The main attractions for me where the presence of  Naka Akira and photographer Sugiura Norio. Both brought their respected lovely models Iroha Shizuki and Ikeda Miho.




Naka-san and Sugiura-san provided workshops and Naka-san also provided a main stage act. Same as our Japanese visitors, RopeMarks was at the LFAJRB to provide workshops and a main stage act. 

Over the years RopeMarks has grown into being the main- or closing-act of an event (see us live and you know why!), this time the closing act was obviously Naka-sama. RopeMarks had the honour to be the support act for Naka Akira. This did make us a little nervous but pride won.

Shows, demonstrations, on Japanese rope bondage events sometimes tend to be very serious (and a dime a dozen). Our intent was to liven-up the place with a fun- fast paced show based on the popular TV-show SouthPark. Also, we wanted to have a party on stage… Check out the video of the show, we decided to provide you with the entire show, no cuts, enjoy!

Among the best feedback of the show was “I wished you guys could stay on stage longer” and “All I wanted to do was party”. Here are a few more visuals of the show:

One of the visitors of the event was artist SingingTree during the show and the day after during the workshops he sketched a quick drawing of our bondage’s; beautiful and so fast!



Events like this are always over too soon; this one ended with a big closing dinner where a large group of us took over an Italian restaurant. A great ending of an event that left a big positive impression with us.




Photo credits: Clover Brooks, Rebecca Davis.

London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage | RopeMarks