April 6, our seventh day in Japan

Today is the day of our first officially scheduled, announced and promoted show (read: we got payed for this one!) in Bar “R”, Nagoya, Japan. We decided to take it slow today since it was going to be a long day, especially a long evening. We visited our first gothic/lolita shop “metamorfose”, took a ride on a big ferris wheel that was mounted on the side of a building(!) and got a great view over Nagoya. In the afternoon we met with Kureha-san and Miyamoto-san to visit the Atsuta Jingu (temple) where we got a crash course in proper behavior (cleaning-up, praying, etc.).




Now, on to the reason you visit RopeMarks; bondage, shibari, kinbaku! After packing our nawa we’re off to bar “R”, we exchanged pleasantries with Rei-san (the Mama-san of bar “R”) and got 2 beautiful pieces of nawa and one of my favorite candles. We were officially introduced to the staff and a few customers that have a special relation with Mama-san or Kureha-san. Mama-san arranged for a professional photographer, Hideaki Kimura, to take the photo’s off our show. Hideaki Kimura apparently traveled around the globe and enjoys a fair share of fame.

When the bar was stuffed with visitors we could begin our show. I think we were we a good 60 minutes on stage doing our thing. We enjoyed our show very much and judging from the reactions afterwards (keeping “honne” in mind) I think the visitors also had a great time.

When we have the photo’s from Hideaki we will post some here.
(update: the photo’s if Hideaki-san can be found on our show‘s page).

After the show we enjoy ourselves with some off the staff and visitors that where very interested in shibari… my opinion, they where very interested in shibari by a gaijin 🙂





When it was time to leave pleasantries where exchanged and Mama-san accompanied us all the way to the street. Which, as we understood, is special. Usually mama-san only guides people to the elevator (bar “R” is on the eight floor) and returns.