In 1985, a bondage enthusiast circle was established under the name of Kinbiken (an abbrevation of Kinbakubi Kenkyu Kai). Its founder was a bondage master Chimuo Nureki (who also produced the magazines Kitan Club and Uramado), and photographer Akio Fuji. Up until this time, Nureki had already been a leading influence on the post-war sadomasochisme scene in Japan.

When the club first started, it went under the name of NAOMI SUGISHITA CLUB, but was later changed to KINBIKEN at the third meeting. More than fifty meetings have been held since that time.

The object of the club is to study the beauty of bondage, drawing distinctions between so-called “SM fan clubs ” and “SM photo sessions”. One of the most distinctive facets of the club is that the bondage woman participate of their own free will. Membership in this circle helps one to ascertain the true beauty of bondage by observing the techniques of master Nureki.

Says Nureki, “One of the main reasons I started this circle was to provide a facility for masochistic women, who are often misunderstood and therefore despised.”

The circle’s main technique involves bondage with hemp rope, however other methods are also used, for example breast tormenting, female prisoner acts, gagging, torture by water, underwear, etc. These activities can also be fully enjoyed by viewing the club’s videos

In 1990, another project named “Right Brain” began, modelled on Kinbiken and under the leadership of Yuri Sunohara. While Kinbiken is based upon bondage, this project explores a far more extreme realm, including hara-kiri, rubber, gas masks, etc.

The recordings on the CD “Music for Bondage Performance” were selected from works used in video session for Right Brain meetings of Kinbiken.

By Masami Akita
Translated into English by Craig Peacock
Taken from the CD inlay booklet of Merzbow’s Music for Bondage Performance