Hot Cat さくら | Club RopeMarks Teaser

Hot Cat さくら | Club RopeMarks Teaser

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I’ve got myself a cat, a very cute cat, she’s called Sakura and I’m watching it until the owner, Hibiki-san, comes to pick her up again.

Not only does sakura look cute, she knows how to combine that with looking hot as well, an almost perfect combination; a hot cat called Sakura.

Sakura is very playful and like all cats she loves rope! Today I intent to spoil cute Sakura and play with her hot body and a lot of rope.

The cat is happy, bouncing around on the bed. teasing me to play and getting really anxious when she sees me getting the ropes and she’s walking around me, bumping her head against my legs. Little does she know that she will get in way over head playing with my ropes!

We tie, fold, gag and choke Sakura and all we get in return are the cutest pleading looks from her dark sexy eyes and sweetest noises of playful pleasure… and some suffering.

We enjoyed Sakura, now you can too. | Sakura Kurokawa | RopeMarks | 20 Aug. 2018

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