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Using the name RopeMarks Ryū we provide real, fun, hands-on, courses, classes, lessons and workshops in Japanese rope bondage (aka shibari or kinbaku) worldwide.

Our tuition

When studying under RopeMarks Ryū you, the rigger and bunny, will learn the techniques, patterns and positions to perform safe and sane Japanese bondage’s that you can really use.

RopeMarks is a strong believer in understanding the reasons behind what you do instead of a “monkey-see-monkey-do”-approach. Therefore, in addition to learning safe use of actual techniques, patterns and positions we go out of our way to teach you the reasons why things are done in a particular way and the pros and cons about this way. Further we will explain and show you the different approaches to create a particular bondage. All of which will aid you in understanding what you do and allow you to develop your own unique style so you can be an original.

Generally speaking a master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline. In RopeMarks Ryū a master class is for students of Japanese rope bondage, aka shibari or kinbaku, given by the Dutch leading expert in this field, RopeMarks.

Typically a master class is considered to be one of the most effective means, along with practice, of growing in the development of your skill.

RopeMarks Ryū master classes generally span multiple days. In a small group or privately organised you will work towards a predefined goal or set of goals. Occasionally we organize single day master classes, i.e. ‘mini master classes’. These are speciality classes for a fast introduction of a subject for students already experienced in the necessary related basics.

After completing any of our master classes you will be able to safely, technically and emotionally, execute the bondage’s of the specific master class.

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With our group workshops you will study and practise Japanese rope bondage in small groups.

Group workshops are organized by us, to participate fill out our application form. When we start planning for a new date we send invitations to all applicants. At that point you decide if you wish to participate. Responses are handled on a first come first serve basis.

Our most popular “off the shelf” workshops are:

Level 1, foundation – essentials – basics and more

Our Level 1 requires no prior Japanese rope bondage experience from you or your partner. Any existing experience is considered a plus in getting a handle on the basics and more of shibari.

We will go from a basic tejou shibari all the way to a complex variation of the ushiro (takate) gote shibari. Below is a visual representation of what this means and what you can expect during the tuition.

Upon finishing our level 1 you are able to safely handle serious intermediate and advanced bondages.

Level 2, intermediate

Our level 2 requires you and your partner to have the experience as taught in our level 1 and be able to safely handle serious intermediate bondages.

We will continue where level 1 stopped and play with true kinbaku (historical bondages), some shibari (contemporary bondage) and touch on semenawa (torture bondage). Below is a visual representation of what this means and what you can expect during the tuition.

Upon finishing our level 2 you are able to safely handle high level Japanese rope bondage’s.


Our suspension workshop requires you and your partner to safely handle high level Japanese rope bondage.

We will discuss suspension safety, apply Japanese bondage ties for suspension, learn how to work with lines under tension, how to tie-off and end with a set of full body Japanese rope bondage suspensions.

A visual representation of what you can expect during the tuition.

Upon finishing our suspension workshop you are able to safely execute complex Japanese rope bondage suspensions.

Note: there is no such thing as a partial suspension! This is a term used either intentionally for (i.e.) commercial reasons or unintentionally by people not fully aware of suspension basics.

Bondage for Sex

Our bondage for sex workshop requires you and your partner to have basic knowledge of rope bondage and safety issues.

There is a lot to talk about, Japanese rope, bondage and a lot to show with artistic shibari and traditional kinbaku. Bondage for sex is at the base of all thoughts, techniques and patterns. We think that bondage for sex is how it was intended, what it is really all about.

In our bondage for sex classes we will take you on a tour of possible positions how you can use, Japanese rope, bondage for sex. Below is a visual representation of what this means and what you can expect during the tuition.

Upon finishing our bondage for sex workshop you are able to safely execute “long term” bondage’s that allow for sexual activities with your partner.

More of our “off the shelf” workshops are “Gote 3rd and 4th rope variations”, “Armbinders, strappado and elbow bondage”, “Level 3”, “Predicament Bondage”, “Decorative bondage” and “Hojojitsu”.

I want to participate
Our private tuition is held in the comfort of your own home or choice of location and we come to you. Have us teach you Japanese rope bondage one-on-one, or invite friends and create an intimate group experience studying and practising the details of the wonderful world of Japanese bondage.

Private tuition is open for any level of experience, there are no minimum requirements for the active and/or the passive party. We create a realistic program based your specific demands, needs and wishes.

I am interested
So, your are thinking outside the box and you are looking for something different, something special, something you!

Let us know what it is, we are open for almost anything (rope) bondage related…

Contact us with your ideas

Tuition from RopeMarks Ryū entails supervised practice, live demonstrations, a small attention and take-home material.

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Keeping it real

No tuition by itself will make anybody a Japanese rope bondage master. For that practice and experience is key, but tuition will provide you with the knowledge to lift your rope bondage skill development to the next level(s) and continue your journey with confidence.
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What tuition do we offer?

What tuition do we offer?

Using the name RopeMarks Ryū we provide worldwide workshops in Japanese rope bondage.

our tuition

What others have to say

What others have to say

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