Playful & Dirty Kinbaku with RopeMarks and the Shady Lady

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The Shady Lady was introduced as ‘a slightly perverted lady’ by Soptik at the start of RopeMarks’ and her performance at the Prague Shibari Festival in 2023. This apparently turned out to be true – and RopeMarks is quite the perverted mister himself – because we’ve been invited back for a weekend workshop to share our perverted and playful side in kinbaku.

Who or what is playful kinbaku for perverts? We believe a pervert is somebody whose attraction to kinbaku stems from sexual interest or enjoyment. Sexuality in kinbaku can be inclusive of – but is way more expansive than – penetration or orgasm, and we strongly believe that the biggest sexual organ is the brain. We will approach sexuality through a playful lens, because kinbaku is a way to play and not a goal in itself. Sometimes we can focus so much on the ‘engineering’ side of rope that we forget to stop taking ourselves too seriously, move beyond technicalities and focus on playing and perving with our partner instead.

The workshop consists of a mix of tying exercises, sharing stories from our experiences and group talks. We will pay special attention to the experiences and skills of the models as it always takes two people to play. The tying exercises will range from challenging floorwork to basic suspension ties. Most ties can be done within different ranges of intensity and dirtiness, so you can stick to your skill and comfort level. We will emphasize play and sexiness between rope partners over creating pretty pictures for Instagram – even though we cannot prevent that pretty (fun) pictures will still come out. Join us for a weekend to get playful, pervy and dirty!

Rope partners (riggers and models) interested in joining the workshop should:

  • Have been tying together for a longer period of time and feel comfortable with perverted, sexual and playful tying;
  • Be able to communicate with and regularly check in with their partner;
  • Be aware of the mental/physical capabilities/limits of themselves and their partner;
  • Be confident with a takategote that works for them;
  • Be confident with an armbinder that works for them (without loss of circulation);
  • Be confident with a futumomo that works for them;
  • Be confident with basic suspensions;
  • Share our view that kinbaku comes with risks, have a general understanding of what they are and how they can best be mitigated;
  • Bring at least 12 pieces of rope suitable for Japanese rope bondage;
  • Optional: bring additional tools you like to include in your BDSM play (such as blindfolds, canes, paddles, gags or nose hooks)


Who’s RopeMarks?

RopeMarks, also known as Bob Roos, is a kinbaku professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

He started studying and specializing himself professionally in Japanese rope bondage (shibari, kinbaku) in 1999. Over his career he studied in the land of the rising sun under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) and Naka Akira (奈加あきら). RopeMarks’ work reflects the traditional techniques taught by these leading kinbakushi but is vastly complemented with his own distinct and unique style.

He is famous for his energetic performances in Japanese rope bondage in which he combines traditional kinbaku with his own

Who is the Shady Lady?

The Shady Lady has regularly been on the receiving end of RopeMarks’ kinbaku for the past three years. They have been tying together for performances and workshops, but mostly for fun (because they mainly enjoy each other’s company, in- and outside of rope.) She also writes reflections on kinbaku from the model’s perspective on the RopeMarks website.

She likes her kinbaku to be playful, romantic, genuine, fun and not overly complicated. If all of that takes place through a Japanese aesthetics lens, with a mean and fun twist every now and then, she is a very happy lady.


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