I’ve had a good run, I think it was up for at least 8+ years, don’t really recall, which is a good thing, but now Facebook in all its wisdom has decided to delete it.

The RopeMarks Facebook page has been wiped from existence, not a trace left except in caches and logs.

Over the years I had about 10.000 people liking and following my page. A number that makes me proud, apparently I do something that people like and appreciate.

Since Facebook has been a hassle for me from the very beginning I really wondered if it was useful to restart the page. There are way better (social media) platforms than facebook to share the going-ons of RopeMarks. There’s my own site RopeMarks.com, FetLife, VK, Twitter, Instagram (also facebook) and a host more, but these are the five I use most.

After a few days of pondering it felt good to be present on facebook with my own page (and not only a profile), so there we are! I restarted the RopeMarks page on facebook and hope I will last another 8+ years and reach more people than last. Go ahead, do like/follow/join, I appreciate all your support of my work!

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