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RopeMarks has been teaching Japanese rope bondage around the globe, from Europe to the USA and all the way to the country of origin, Japan. If you are you interested in learning Japanese bondage according to RopeMarks Ryu apply by sending us this form and you will be among the first to be notified of new tuition dates.

RopeMarks Ryū Application Form
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Your information

How simple a question like this sounds, think again. On the internet almost everybody is using one or more nicknames. When people fill out our application form they usually give us their nick and sign with their birth name, or the other way around. After a few mail exchanges nicks and birth names are mixed up.

We get to much applications to try and keep your nick apart from your real name. So, please, just provide us with your birth name. Your last/family name is nice to have (there are more than one "Bob's" out there you know) but is not strictly necessary.

Please provide us with a correct and working e-mail address. Of course you can provide us with GMail's, Hotmail's, Yahoo's etc... but make sure they exist for at least a year to come and make sure you read your mail regularly and keep your mailbox empty (i.e. We can not send mail to full mailboxes) If you have a real e-mail address please give it to us, you're applying for a real life interaction with human beings and "hiding" behind unstable e-mail addresses is of no use.

Usually we need to plan our workshops at least a month ahead. If last minute communication is needed where e-mail is most likely read too late we might use your phone number for contacting you.

If everything goes as we plan (and it usually does) we will not use your phone number.

This application is for couples only

A couple can be any combination of two people.

This application is for tuition in The Netherlands
Where are you from
What is your primary language?
Bondage equipment
Do you already have your own rope?

Having rope is a prerequisite to study RopeMarks Ryū.

If you don't own yours yet we have the means to supply it.


When you have any question about RopeMarks Ryū or this application form contact us

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