Series are our way of giving back to the community at large.

We don’t always shoot for payed content, we also shoot for the art of Japanese rope bondage and fun. These series are free, stunning, images and video created in cooperation with professional designers, photographers and models.


A piece of art, three images of beauty in suffering on a backdrop of the great wave of kanagawa.

The position of the model on each image is similar, the way we dress her up is what creates a new and unique image each time.

The first position is a Japanese look, double tenugui, tabi shoes, bound, suspended, naked and vulnerable.

The second position is a Western look, red ball-gag, kinky high heeled shoes but still very much bound, suspended, naked and vulnerable.

The third position is a very extreme BDSM look, rubber hood, big tight collar, harnass ball-gag and ankle high ballet boots, but still bound, suspended, naked and oh so vulnerable.

A tortures position, supported by only a single hip-rope, all in the name of art, in the name of the

"Hashigata aomuke zuri, triptych"

There is an accompanying video with this series.

p Frits Kraefft | m Dutch Dame | Shoot date: 19 Nov. 2011


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