It is done!  Again!

My online presence has made it into the 21st century; I’ve locked myself into the RopeMarks man cave at RopeMarks HQ, switched on some loud music and scheduled a pizza dinner for each night for about a month (they know me by name and topping-preference by now). There has been little sleep, lots-o-cursing and dust has settled on my ropes… and I’m not sure if I untied my last girl when I started this, hmmmm…

Anyway, I have revamped RopeMarks’ mother site, RopeMarks!

There are some bits and pieces here and there that need to be tweaked, these will be done in the coming days and weeks. Let me know if you find something that’s not working (just put in a comment)?

Personally I think it looks awesome, very happy with the end result, go take a look

Let me know what you think about it?