Dear Reader,

This is an open letter in response to the public statement my ex business partner has issued about our situation and status.

Her statement has been issued without consult or approval from RopeMarks’ side. After careful consideration we deem it necessary and appropriate to respond and clarify her unapproved business statements.

She states: “the limits were found and fully explored in the end” 
From the side of RopeMarks limits have not been reached and/or fully explored, creativity flowed in abundance, my ex partner served as my muse from the very first beginning until the last moments where she decided to stop all communication between us.

She states: “Therefore following decision was made, [ex-partner] is no longer affiliated with RopeMarks.” 
From the side of RopeMarks this is an unexpected one sided decision from my ex partner, one that has officially not been communicated to me. We have been in full negotiation on possible future cooperations when at one point communication from the side of my ex partner suddenly stopped. She did no longer respond to phone calls, texts and mails and in addition blocked me on all social media.

At this point my ex partner also stopped crediting RopeMarks, as rigger and photographer, for our work together. This is a big no-no in our scene and way of doing business. Unfortunately, since contact was no longer possible, I responded in a similar fashion. This is very wrong and is something I will correct in future published work (there is still a lot of material we created that I did not publish yet) and in already published work.

This open letter is only touching upon the situation and status but as a friend of mine recently said, “If life gives you melons… you may be dyslexic.” and that does about sum it all up for us.

On a very personal note, I believe our work together was beyond awesome and beneficial for us personally and the bondage and fetish scene in general. I would have preferred to continue our cooperation. Unfortunately this has been killed before it got a change to bloom and for this I am truly sorry; for her, for the scene in general and not in the least me.

Despite this situation I wish her the best in her future endeavours and for me, when one door closes another will open, and right now, I’m happy to say, the RopeMarks future is looking brighter than ever.

Bob / RopeMarks 
September 2016