This edition RopeMarks was invited to provide a clinic and a demonstration on the beauty of Japanese rope bondage (shibari, kinbaku) in a designated 18+ area of the convention.

As this was the first time in the history, since 1995, of the Dutch AnimeCon that they booked a kinbaku clinic it was difficult to judge how popular (or not) this was going to be with the visitors of the convention; we could get no participants at all, we could get all 10.000+ visitors.

When we prepared for our clinic the first people already came up and started a small line in front of the entrance of the room, that’s a good sign, at least we had a handful of interested people. But then more people came, and more, more… even more. Before the doors opened we already had more people waiting than the room could host.

With a little help from the organisation to let as many people in as possible (the room could hold 40, we let in 50+) we could start what turned out the be a very cool, interesting and appreciated clinic about Japanese rope bondage in a J.Pop environment.


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